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Tracking government spend on enterprise software, cybersecurity and networking.

A complete platform built for investors. Featuring curated, contextualized data from dozens of U.S. and international sources that's been validated by top hedge funds.

Nation Analytics Software & Hardware Platform Data Set Coverage Statistics





Nation Analytics Software & Hardware Platform Data Set Coverage Statistics


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$30 Billion

Annual Spending Categorized

Zero Noise

We simplify the confusing world of government procurement so you can easily filter out the noise and understand the impact of public sector spending on companies in your coverage.

Our platform tracks thousands of software/hardware awards disclosed each week by government buyers around the world, categorizes them by ticker, and provides tools and support that make it easy to incorporate the data into your research process.

Launched in 2019, our platform is a trusted resource for dozens of investment teams at top hedge funds.


Actionable Intelligence

Our process analyzes government awards to over 14,000 re-sellers and system integrators, aligning contracts with the correct software vendor using a multi-step process that combines machine learning techniques with human analysis.

We handle language translation and currency conversion while compiling information from dozens of U.S. and international sources into a clean, consistent format.

An automated process considers thousands of product names, manufacturer codes, and government-specific identifiers, and our analyst team continually researches government programs and weeds through planning documents to categorize deals that evade simple keyword searches. The result is the most comprehensive and transparent data set on public sector software/hardware spending available.

Data Categorization Examples


Streamline your research process.

The Nation Analytics platform is specifically designed for investors. The portal provides a range of interactive views developed in collaboration with discretionary investors at top hedge funds. Features include:


Exclusive Content & Custom Support

Our deep experience with public sector spending puts us in a unique position to provide investors with insight on topics related to the government market.

Our analyst team regularly publishes notes providing context on major awards, explaining opaque aspects of the government market, and commenting on topics such as budget cycles, executive orders, and policy shifts. In all cases, our content is exclusively focused on investor objectives.

In addition to published content, all Tier 1 platform clients receive unlimited on demand support including email responses, custom data sets, and analyst calls.