Nation Analytics combines detailed knowledge of the procurement process with comprehensive data analysis capabilities. The result is intelligence you can use to shape your strategy and improve your tactics. We offer a range of services designed for management teams, investors, and business development leaders. In all cases, our commitment is to deliver specific answers to the most pressing business questions. We don’t sugarcoat, and we don’t waste your time. Our services are built around unique data sets that generate competitive advantages for clients. Our expertise is in drawing out the most actionable insights for each one.

Competitive Intelligence

Nation Analytics' 2017 Government Services Competitive Intelligence Report is the most comprehensive analysis of the competitive environment for major federal services awards ever published.

It's based on a review of every major competitive services contract issued in fiscal 2016. Compiled here for the first time, this data set identifies the winner of every major new requirement and re-compete, every displaced incumbent, and categorizes the acquisition approach that led to every award.

Purchase of the report comes with a subscription to our monthly updates, designed to keep you ahead of the competition in understanding the changes shaping the federal services landscape all year long. (You can download a sample by clicking the button on the right, or e-mail Nick Taborek to purchase the full report).

The insights in the study address many of the most urgent questions we hear from clients:

  • Where are the most significant new requirements being generated?
  • Which companies are crushing the competition, and which appear beatable?
  • Which customers are opening the door to challengers, and which tend to favor incumbents?
  • What kinds of major requirements are being moved into the small business market?
  • Which re-competes are toughest for incumbents to hold onto?

If you're a CEO or business development leader, you'll use this report for a variety of purposes -- to put your own performance in context with peers and benchmark the best-performing companies in the market; to assess the relative attractiveness of potential new markets and/or acquisition targets; to better understand risks and opportunities in your own pipeline; to prioritize which customers to target; to evaluate potential team members for future bids.

If you're an investor, you'll use this report to identify outperformers and laggards, inform forward revenue projections, and gain insight into risk levels for companies facing major re-competes.

The report is divided into three sections. This first section examines the competitive landscape for major task order and contract awards to help companies and industry analysts understand the forces driving wins and losses in the federal market, and to help them make forward decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels. The second section looks at competition at the agency level—which agency customers stick with their incumbents, which are issuing the most new requirements, which force the most competition for major awards. The third section includes comprehensive data on company wins and displacements, providing a new level of transparency into competitor performance.

Analyze competitor performance in real-time with our industry-leading database of wins and losses

DOD Award Database

We combine expertise in federal market data analysis with detailed knowledge of the executive and legislative branches to deliver specific, actionable answers to the questions business leaders need answered.

For any segment of the market, we can provide comprehensive intelligence on the key competitors, customers, contract vehicles and upcoming requirements, as well as insight on the funding and policy outlook.

Other market intelligence services are often so high level that they fail to provide a clear road map for implementation or devolve into data dumps from which actionable insights are impossible to unearth. Nation Analytics avoids these pitfalls by using a bottoms-up approach that relies on tactical level intelligence to deliver strategic insight. We give you a realistic market size and then tell you who the right customers are, what they need, how they buy, which go-to-market strategies to employ and which industry partners you should seek out.

Our Approach:

We live and breathe the federal market and federal procurement data. Our custom database combines dozens of sources, including FPDS prime data, FSRS subcontract data, System for Award Management information, budgetary and appropriations information, Exhibit 53 and 300 data, IDIQ datasets and bespoke research, giving us a complete view of the market.

We produce datasets and analysis tailored to your organizational structure, markets and goals. You get answers to your questions without having to compromise.

We never hide behind jargon or generalizations, and we show you the data to back up our assertions. We use modern data visualization tools to help you understand the story behind the numbers. We give you answers, not abstractions.

We organize the data in meaningful ways to help you efficiently answer business development questions, and we make recommendations on how to use the information to go to market.

We train your users on how to make the most of the data and we remain available to answer questions and do deeper dives as needed.

Identify shifts in defense spending with our automated Pentagon award feed.


Business Intelligence Booster

This service is designed for middle-market firms that need cutting-edge business intelligence and data analytics to inform strategic and tactical decisions across a complex and growing business. Our commitment is to provide you with custom, ongoing opportunity intel and market analysis that far exceeds what could be expected from a full-time business intelligence employee, at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features:

Real-time intelligence
We constantly scan your markets for opportunities, sending alerts and answering business intelligence questions on-demand.

Ongoing, interactive pipeline/partnering support
We do comprehensive market analyses for each of your business units and provide input for prioritized lists of upcoming opportunities. We track developments in each major competition and supply data-driven analysis to inform teaming strategy.

Acquisition target analysis
We produce on-demand analyses for any potential M&A or asset acquisitions.

Weekly briefings/meeting support
We attend or call in to a weekly business development meeting to provide updates on current projects and field questions and requests from business leaders.

Nation Analytics exclusives
We provide you with advance copies of all Nation Analytics strategic-level reports issued several times per year, all relevant contract vehicle pipeline studies, and access to all of our virtual training seminars.

Small Business Accelerator

Designed for small businesses with limited business intelligence resources, this service starts with a custom strategic assessment and pipeline analysis to identify the best upcoming prime and sub opportunities that match your capabilities. Next, we develop an 18-month Action Plan in consultation with your business development team and provide you with weekly intelligence on each competition. And we act as your eyes and ears on the ground, updating you on new developments and opportunities in your markets as they arise.

Key Features:

  • Discovery session to discuss your current pipeline, capability areas, key customers, and targeted growth areas
  • Strategic assessment and pipeline analysis using our proprietary database to identify focus areas and hone in on the most compelling upcoming opportunities to include in your Action Plan
  • In-person or virtual conference presentation of Action Plan and review of target opportunities
  • Weekly 30-minute virtual conference briefing with business development team to provide updates on target opportunities and recommend capture tactics
  • Real-time alerts and intelligence on new opportunities derived from our proprietary tracking system and on-the-ground contacts
Assess exposure to risks and opportunities with our comprehensive survey of upcoming competitions.

Funding Source Analysis

IDIQ Portfolio Gap Analysis

More than two-thirds of federal IT and professional services spending goes through indefinite contract vehicles, making it crucial for contractors to understand the IDIQ landscape. But with over 1,800 contract vehicles (GWACs, agency-specific IDIQs, Blanket Purchase Agreements and Schedules) in use by government buyers, that’s a tall order for any business development professional.

At Nation Analytics, we set the industry standard for IDIQ expertise, tracking spending on every active IT and professional services vehicle and following developments on over 100 vehicle-level re-competes.

Our custom IDIQ Portfolio Gap Analysis service gives you a comprehensive understanding of where you stand, and a detailed roadmap for where you want to go.

Custom report includes:

Competitor Insight: How your portfolio of vehicles compares to your competitors’
Customer Focus: How your customers buy the capabilities you offer
Market Analysis: Which vehicles are most important in the growth markets you’re targeting
Evaluation: Recommendations for improving capture on underperforming vehicles
Priorities: Ranked list of vehicle re-competes based on your customer set, capabilities match and future funding outlook
Intel: Comprehensive data and status information on each re-compete
Strategy: Recommendations on how to remedy IDIQ portfolio gaps and position for success in upcoming competitions

Competitive Field/Teaming Analysis

The federal government is increasingly using a quantitative approach to evaluations for major contract vehicle competitions that ranks companies based on how well their past prime experience matches RFP requirements. Nation Analytics has developed a proprietary process that delivers unparalleled insight into the competitive landscape for competitions that utilize this “scorecard” methodology.

We combine “big data” analytics with detailed understanding of the evaluation criteria to assess how likely bidders stack up. Using this approach we’ve helped dozens of companies make bid/no-bid decisions and take action to improve their competitive positions for competitions such as Alliant 2 and OASIS on-ramps.

For competitions that allow teaming, we use a data-driven methodology to match companies with the best prospective partners based on capabilities.

We currently offer competitive field assessments for OASIS on-ramps and the Air Force’s Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions (SBEAS) IDIQ.

Understand who’s best positioned for budget growth and who’s exposed to budget risks.