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Experience counts. Because data without intelligence is just noise.

Since founding Nation Analytics in January 2016, we have used our data-driven expertise to help companies ranging from a few million dollars in annual revenue to several billion gain a competitive edge in federal contract competitions and revise their strategies for a changing market. Our proprietary dataset ties together federal contract, company, and budgetary sources, giving us a complete view of the market and absolute flexibility to answer your questions.

We are driven by two key tenets. One belief is that data should be a foundational element of market and opportunity analyses. The second view is that data is not enough. Data must be joined with experience, expertise and intelligence to produce useful insights that can help companies win contracts and generate more revenue. 

Custom analyses are the core of our business model. Our goal is to respond to the questions our clients have with answers that include rich data support and clear recommendations for taking action.

At the strategic and investor levels, we draw on our extensive experience analyzing executive branch management and our unique competitor performance data. Our analyses have informed M&A decisions, resource allocation choices and investment strategies. For tactical considerations, we bring mastery of the procurement process and meticulously compiled, contract-level data sets to bear.

We may suggest you form a team to bid a contract, but we’ll also recommend which companies to team with and show you why they are the right partners. We will build you a pipeline, but that pipeline will be prioritized based on your company’s capabilities and qualifications, the competitive landscape, the customer’s needs and your business goals. We will not only size your market, we’ll also recommend which adjacent markets to focus on based on policy and budget drivers. 

We fill a unique niche in the federal market, providing business intelligence steeped in cross-disciplinary expertise and strong data analytics. Objectivity is at the center of our approach. We don’t tell you what we think you want to hear. We tell you what we see as the unadulterated facts. 

Nick Taborek, Principal ntaborek@nationanalytics.com

Nick Taborek is the founder and principal of Nation Analytics, overseeing all custom business intelligence solutions, data and technology operations. Prior to co-founding Nation Analytics, he was an analyst covering the federal contracting sector for Bloomberg Intelligence, publishing research for an investment audience. As a journalist, his coverage of the federal market has appeared in publications including Bloomberg Businessweek and the Washington Post. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and a master’s degree from Northwestern University. 

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