Award Context and Insight

05/06/2017 9:09 AM

Are you ready for the Air Force's SBEAS Competition?

The Air Force is on track to issue the request for proposals for the Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions (SBEAS) multiple-award contract vehicle this summer. Nation Analytics can help you get ready.

SBEAS (pronounced “Sea-Bees”) is worth potentially tens of millions of dollars for the 40 bidders that the Air Force plans to select for the IDIQ. Air Force buyers will place hundreds of task orders for IT services on the contract. The predecessor contract, NetCents-2 Application Services Small Business, is on track to see $1.8 billion in orders for the 12 incumbents just since 2012. SBEAS, as of May 4, is expected to have a $13.368 billion ceiling and a 15-year period of performance.

SBEAS uses a series of three go/no-go gates to whittle down the competition. The first gate is whether a bidder has CMMI Level 2 or higher. The second gate is whether a bidder can generate at least 3,600 points on a 6,000-point scorecard the Air Force created for SBEAS. The third gate is whether the bidder has done work in 13 pre-defined elements of lifecycle software support services.

The Air Force will take the bids that can jump those three hurdles and perform a trade-off analysis based on past performance, cybersecurity experience and IT business analysis experience.

Nation Analytics has identified several hundred firms that can pass the first gate. We then performed a data-driven analysis of those companies to develop a ranking. Companies in the top tier of our ranking are the best positioned for award based on their experience, the middle tier shows companies that have a fighting chance to win, and the bottom tier are those that are not competitive on their own but could team up with other companies through JVs.

We provide companies with a custom analysis of their place in the competitive field along with recommendations for teaming (or not teaming) and recommendations for improving your chances of winning.

Nation Analytics used a similar methodology to provide competitive intelligence for Alliant 2 Unrestricted and Alliant 2 Small Business bidders. We worked with more than a dozen companies, several of whom we went on to assist with proposal development and compliance reviews. Our partnership with RASA was instrumental in helping bidders position themselves to win those contract vehicles.

Please contact me or Nick if you’d like to learn more about our services. These kinds of data-driven RFPs require data-driven expertise, and that’s what we do day in and day out.