Award Context and Insight

10/30/2016 12:00 AM

Should You Bid OASIS Small Business Pool 2?

If you’re a small federal prime contractor ($20.5 million in annual revenue) that does financial services support work or economic and social research for government agencies, you’ll want to consider bidding on GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business Pool 2 Open Season RFP. GSA has said it will post the final RFP on or about Nov. 3.

The OASIS RFP may be unlike anything most of the likely bidders have seen before. It’s not a typical RFP that requires extensive narrative. Instead, bidders will self-score themselves on a 10,000-point scale and provide documentation such as FPDS reports and award forms that back up the self scores. GSA plans to pick the top 31 scorers to join OASIS Small Business Pool 2.

It is therefore not a particularly expensive proposal to put together. Our price for analyzing your company’s competitive position and putting together the proposal is well under 1 percent of the potential value of just one typical task order on the pool.

Because we are an analytics firm, we take a data-driven approach to the competition. We’ve assessed which companies qualify for the pool and meet the small business size standard. There are 199 companies that can compete for the 31 slots. We’ve taken the scoring elements in the RFP and assessed those 199 companies to come up with an estimated ranking that can help companies determine their competitive positioning and how to maximize their score.  We also use that information to put together proposals for companies that decide to outsource to us.

We expect significant task order activity on OASIS Small Business Pool 2 to ramp up after the 31 new companies selected during the open season join the current nine incumbents. The Air Force, Army, Navy, other Defense agencies and Homeland Security have all committed to use OASIS for work that falls in scope. Just looking at one current program, DHS’ TABSS contract, nine Pool 2 small business orders are likely to port over to OASIS in the next couple years. The expansion of the pool is likely to attract a significant portion of the government-wide $600 million-a-year addressable market on to this contract. Just winning one of the task orders that comes on will cover your ROI.

You can engage Nation Analytics and our partners to a) determine if you qualify; b) assess your position in the competitive landscape; and/or c) outsource your proposal.

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