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Teaming is Key for VA VECTOR, DOJ ITSS-5 and DISA SETI

Posted on February 23, 2017

Three RFPs for major IDIQs are on the street right now, each of them with only one month turnaround times. All three are highly selective, with VA only picking 10 primes for each of six service areas, DOJ picking only six large and six SDVOSB primes, and DISA selecting only 10 large and 20 small primes. It’s critical for each of them that you make strategic teaming decisions – which companies are going to bring the skills, experience and customer intimacy needed to make the cut.

Our data-driven approach offers a unique means of picking winning teammates. We first provide you an assessment of the competitive field, showing where we evaluate your chances as a stand-alone bidder. We then recommend the specific companies that can fill the gaps in your proposal.

Packages are available with three-day turnaround. Please email Nick at to see if we can help you make smart decisions to make the cut for these IDIQs.

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