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Nation Analytics Webinar Dec. 20: Federal IT Contract Vehicles in 2017

Posted on December 06, 2016

More than 420 active contract vehicles form the federal government’s information technology acquisition playing field. From multi-billion-dollar behemoths such as Alliant, to scrappy million-dollar-plus BPAs such as the Peace Corps IT Staffing Multiple-Award BPA, it’s a complex and ever-changing landscape. For business development pros, 2017 will be a busy year of IDIQ-level recompetes, task order hunting and high-level strategy shifts.

Nation Analytics is tracking it all using our big-data approach coupled with our subject matter expertise. On Dec. 20 we’re holding a webinar to present the findings of our comprehensive study of the federal IT IDIQ universe. (Register here for $149)

The presentation will feature clear explanations of the major marketplace trends (complete with easily recyclable charts for your own internal presentations) and actionable insights on key re-competes and customer ordering patterns. The goal is to give BDer’s the information they need to efficiently navigate a complex and fragmented IDIQ environment.

Presentation will cover:

  • Status updates on key re-competes including ITSS-5, NETCENTS-2, OASIS On-Ramps
  • Roundup of lesser known re-competes IT business development professionals need to get smart on now
  • Breakdown of IT spending on Blanket Purchase Agreements using our proprietary data set
  • Rankings of companies and vehicles in major submarkets
  • Trends in IDIQ-level evaluations and task order competitions
  • Intel on key agencies to target this year

Expanding pools of vendors, longer periods of performance and more vehicle-hopping task orders are among the trends we expect in 2017. We also expect more soul-searching as agencies prepare follow-on acquisition strategies for current vehicles. Agencies have to decide whether to jump aboard some of the popular government-wide vehicles, recompete their own contracts or turn to schedule-based BPAs.

We’re tracking a few dozen IDIQ-level recompetes. With ten-to-15-year lifecycles for some follow-on contract vehicles, the strategic and tactical decisions BD pros make about which ones to pursue in the coming year will help drive their companies’ destinies for the next decade.

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